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Research Funding

National and Regional Funding

There are numerous opportunities for research and innovation funding at both national and regional levels. In most cases, the issued calls for proposals are elements of broader strategies first developed at the national level and then implemented at the regional level. Understanding the strategic documents upon which individual calls are based is therefore crucial for comprehending the broader context in which research projects are situated.

Concerning the national research strategy, it is periodically articulated through the National Research Program (PNR). The PNR, a document provided for by Legislative Decree 204/1998, is the instrument that guides research policies in Italy. It is realized through the collaboration of state administrations coordinated by the Ministry of University and Research. In December 2020, the new National Research Program (PNR) 2021-2027 was officially adopted, outlining the priorities, objectives, and actions for research in Italy. The PNR provides the framework within which strategic lines are delineated to support the research sector in the country, utilizing various funding sources ranging from funds directly managed by the Ministry (FFO, FISR, Italian Fund for Science, FISRT, etc.) to those of other ministries, European Structural and Investment Funds, the so-called indirectly managed funds that translate at the regional level into various operational programs.

European and International Funding

Horizon 2020, Horizon Europe, and other EU/international programs offer opportunities and funds for startups and proof of concept.