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Doctoral School
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The IUSS Doctoral School was created with the two-fold aims of:

  • Enriching the education of IUSS doctoral students within a unified cultural framework of scientific foundations and transversal skills
  • Enhancing the uniqueness of the IUSS doctoral model and contributing to strengthening its identity

For each objective, a series of activities will be proposed, including:

  • Transversal disciplines at the level of the thematic areas
    Courses organized for different PhD programs within the same thematic area, characterized by an interdisciplinary approach to research. 
  • Transversal skills
    Courses organized for all PhD programs, focusing on cross-cutting skills, such as research and knowledge management, valorization and dissemination of results, intellectual property, open access to data and research products, and fundamental principles of ethics and integrity.
  • Cultural events
    Lessons for all PhD programs meant to promote a unified framework of culture and science, involving internationally renowned scholars presenting examples of scientific research in various fields, from history to medicine, philosophy to the history of art, economics to engineering, and literature, in a format accessible to doctoral candidates with diverse backgrounds.
  • PhDay
    An important moment of scientific and human integration among doctoral candidates enrolled in different programs and an orientation opportunity for students in regular undergraduate courses.
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Cultural events

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Transversal skills

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