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Funding Opportunities for PoC Projects - POCHI Call

Proof of Concept
Thu, 08/02/2024
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A new funding initiative for Proof of Concept (PoC) projects has been launched aimed at professors, researchers, research fellows, PhD students, students, and other research personnel at the IUSS Advanced School and/or the Scuola Normale Superiore. A valuable opportunity to turn innovative ideas into tangible realities and contribute to the development of research and innovation in various disciplines.

Moro New York
The Power of Language | Andrea Moro | New York Encounter 2024

A presentation on the nature of language and the danger of ideologies with Andrea Moro.Professor of general linguistics at the University Institute for Advanced Studies (IUSS) in Pavia, Italy. Language is currently in the spotlight. In addition to the challenges posed by generative artificial intelligence and the need to identify what is uniquely human, language is increasingly manipulated to influence or even create or impose a certain worldview. Professor Moro first addresses how language is a distinctive trait of our human identity and is intrinsically linked to the way we experience reality.

Andrea Taramelli
Video Rai.TV - Televideo - Prof. ANDREA TARAMELLI IUSS Pavia (Earth Technology Expo 2023)
Silvia De Toffoli a RAI RADIOTRE - RADIO 3 SCIENZA 11.30 - "Punto e virgola"-2023)
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Andrea Moro - Authors on Loan