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Comunication and Media Relations
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The Communication Unit is a staff structure within the General Management and is primarily responsible for:

  • Coordinating content and graphics on the institutional website: Ensuring the consistency and quality of content and graphics on the official website of the School.

  • Designing and implementing presentations of the School: Planning and executing publications that introduce and represent the School to various stakeholders.

  • Promoting the image of the School and the Rector through information campaigns: Developing and implementing campaigns to enhance the public perception of the School and its leadership.

  • Handling institutional communication and supporting political and managerial communication activities: Managing communication strategies that align with institutional goals and supporting the communication efforts of the political and managerial governance.

  • Coordinating internal and external communication using new technologies: Overseeing the promotion and management of both internal and external communication channels through the effective use of modern technologies.

  • Collaborating with affiliated entities, foundations, and legal entities: Working closely with affiliated entities, foundations, and legal entities connected to or controlled by the School to coordinate respective communication and press activities.

  • Managing support activities for the ALUMNI Project: Overseeing and coordinating activities related to the support of the ALUMNI Project, which likely involves engaging with graduates and former students.

  • Managing public engagement activities: Overseeing initiatives and activities that engage the public, fostering interaction and participation.

  • Managing relations with the press and media: Serving as the main point of contact for press and media relations, facilitating communication between the School and external media outlets.

  • Drafting and disseminating press releases, articles, and texts: Creating and distributing press releases, articles, and texts to provide information about the School's major activities and initiatives at the local, regional, and national levels.

  • Organizing and managing press conferences and media events: Handling the logistics and post-production of press conferences and media events, as well as managing interviews with institutional bodies through various mass media.

  • Collaborating on the realization of interviews: Participating in the planning and execution of interviews with representatives of the School.

  • Managing the daily press review: Compiling a daily press review to monitor media coverage and assess the public perception of the School.

For further information or inquiries, please contact the Communication and Media Relations Unit.


Communication Unit and media Relations

dott.ssa Anna Cerniglia - Responsable

tel: 0382/375856