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The educational objectives

Our planet, the environment, natural phenomena are both indispensable resources and inevitable sources of dangers for human activities. The progress and development of these activities have always entailed and continue today to entail a change in the environment. The impact of this alteration, which perhaps more than any other one in recent decades is evident in a clear way and on a global scale, is that of the climate.

The climate is changing as it has always done in the course of our planet's life, but in recent decades the change has been much faster and can be observed with tools never used before. How much of this change is due to human activities? Where will this change lead and how can we foresee it? The issues of climate change, the search for sustainable development models and the assessment of risks and impacts on human activities are strongly intertwined with the sole objective of finding a new dynamic balance between the environment and man. The aspects of life and social activities which are affected by these issues are many and varied: the economy, health, technology. Research and the scientific method are called to an approach which involves disciplines which are different and, at least in the academic world, distant.

Theme 2 will represent a challenge and an opportunity for our School to contribute not only in the academic context and not only in the Italian panorama, to the formulation of practical and urgent operational proposals, to the construction of methods and tools for investigation and evaluation, to the collaboration between institutions with different competences and duties, to the facilitation and optimization of decision-making processes.

Research opportunities

As part of the identity theme "Climate, Sustainability and Risk", IUSS University School promotes the following PhD programs:

  • Understanding and Management of Extreme Situations - UME
  • Phd in Sustainable Development and Climate Change - PhD SDC

All the PhD programs of IUSS University School have been accredited as innovative (international, interdisciplinary or intersectoral) by the ANVUR Agency.

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