Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance (QA) includes the design, implementation, monitoring and control of the activities carried out and represents the set of actions necessary to develop adequate confidence in the stakeholders that processes and activities are effective and transparent with respect to the established goals.

The University School for Advanced Studies IUSS Pavia is committed to promoting the dissemination of culture, methods and tools for quality, self-assessment, critical approach and continuous enhancement in the management of all processes that contribute to the improvement of the quality and excellence of the School.

The School’s QA System intends to:

  • encourage the active and conscious participation of all the actors of the academic community in the achievement of clearly defined, communicated and shared enhancement goals;
  • involve the academic community through simple, timely, updated and complete information;
  • educate to a culture of quality, sensitizing all levels and roles of the community towards QA processes.

In 2020 the Quality Enhancement Committee, in collaboration with the Joint Staff-Students Committee and in concert with the federated Assessment Unit, the governance bodies and the Advisory Board, reconfigured and calibrated the quality assurance system - in which the entire academic community actively participates - to make it an effective working and support tool for the School’s development, also in relation to the new strategies outlined in the orientation plan.

The Quality Enhancement Committee has carried out a specific mapping of the QA processes in some of the areas in which the Quality Policies are declined, choosing a non-bureaucratic approach, focusing on substance with respect to the reality of the School, both as regards the awareness of the various actors that its monitoring and enhancement.


In the meeting of January 31, 2019, the Federated Board of Governors approved the Quality Policies of the School.

The Quality Policies define the fundamental principles and guidelines of the QA processes of the School, in harmony with the European Standards and Guidelines for Quality Assurance in the European Higher Education Area (ESG) and in line with the requirements for accreditation of provided for University Schools for Advanced Studies by current legislation


The School’s Quality Enhancement Committee:

a)    promotes the implementation of the Quality Policies defined by the governing bodies;
b)    oversees the development and implementation of the School's QA system and related processes;
c)    proposes methods, tools and procedures for achieving QA objectives;
d)    supervises and monitors the regular performance of the QA processes;
e)    supports the representatives of the teaching, research and third mission structures in their respective fields of activity;
f)    promotes the organization and verification of the updating of information in the context of training and research;
g)    supervises the verification of self-assessment and periodic evaluation activities
h)    promotes and supports the evaluation of the effectiveness of enhancement actions and their results; 
i)    favors the correct flow of information to and from the Assessment Unit and the Joint Staff-Students Committee;
j)    promotes the dissemination of culture, methods and tools for Quality, self-assessment, a critical approach and continuous improvement in the management of all processes that contribute to quality enhancement, including through the implementation of training activities;
k)    supports the structures of the School in the management of QA processes also through the drafting of guidelines; 
l)    provides advice to the governing bodies of the School on QA issues.


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