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The educational objectives

The generation of the impact in society is definitively considered one of the relevant aspects for the evaluation of the research training activities of universities. The impact measures the effects of the products, therefore not publications or graduates with degrees, graduates with diplomas or PhDs, but their effect on society. Generally the effects depend both on their quality and on the conditions of the geographical and historical context, therefore on the economic and social conditions. If in the past the impact could derive from spontaneous phenomena and was not sought and institutionally addressed by universities, today it is necessary to recognize a paradigmatic change which requires planned and targeted actions to favor and document the impact as an element which determines the responsibility in the management of autonomy.

Theme 5 introduces a functional chain which identifies the impact on society as the ability to create value with the innovation which comes from research and education. The objective of theme 5 is the development, application and dissemination of processes that select and develop the results of the IUSS School and of the partners and stakeholders in order to pursue technological, social and cultural innovation processes, generating value through impact for society.

Research and education activities on the creation of value from research will also be introduced.