IUSS School is based in Pavia, located in the prestigious “Palazzo del Broletto”, a XII century building Pavia..

The central body, where the rectorate, all the administrative offices, the Aula Magna and some teaching rooms are located, is located in the prestigious "Palazzo del Broletto", a XII century building 12th century building ,in Piazza della Vittoria, right in the main square downtown. The strategic location of the historical site of the School favors the development of social relations in the university community and creates opportunities for a meeting point between the University and the city.

The headquarters also house the spaces relating to the teaching and research activities relating to the Human and Life Sciences Class.

As of 2021, a second location was built in the former Marelli area, located near the railway station, which houses the spaces dedicated to the teaching and research activities of the Science, Technology and Society class.