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Placement and Job Orientation

Placement is a service offered by the vast majority of Italian university centres and deals with the transition from university education to the world of work. The university acts as an intermediary between employment supply and demand by supporting students leaving university courses towards the start of their professional careers. It offers university graduates the opportunity to combine their studies with the professional profiles required by local, national and international labour market. At the same time, it offers companies the opportunity to reduce time and costs of personnel recruitment. Finally, the Placement service enables universities to define training courses that meet the professional needs of the world of work.

The University School for Advanced Study IUSS Pavia organises outgoing orientation initiatives and provides students and graduates with a number of services aimed at facilitating their entrance into the academic or professional world. The University School for Advanced Study IUSS Pavia intends to help its graduates and postgraduates to become aware of the possible career paths and aims to provide them with adequate support in their job search, in the identification of career goals and in the preparation for interviews and recruitment process.

How it works

The University School for Advanced Study IUSS Pavia recognises the importance of its role in facilitating the entry of its students, undergraduates and graduates into the world of research and work, and operates to improve activities and services aimed at enhancing the knowledge and transversal skills acquired in the university training courses carried out within the Scuola and at favouring the transition of students, undergraduates and graduates into the professional world.

To this purpose, the University School for Advanced Study IUSS Pavia dedicates specific resources to the funding of projects concerning placement, in particular to the organisation of events aimed at connecting companies and students, also organised jointly with other Higher Education Schools or in collaboration with the School's Alumni Association.

Some of the activities offered by University School for Advanced Study IUSS Pavia in the field of placement are:

  • organisation of events and seminars to present training and employment opportunities;
  • organisation of meetings with companies and other interlocutors of the labour market;
  • organisation of personalised interviews, also on-line;
  • participation in training courses open to our students;
  • organisation of mentoring meetings;
  • providing support in CV writing;
  • providing support in the drafting of cover letters

Placement services are available to undergraduates, graduates and PhD students of the School.

The Pro-rector delegated to the Third Mission is responsible for the Placement activities, supported in the activities by a Placement Coordinator and an organisational unit Orientamento, servizi agli allievi e placement".

The role of Placement Coordinator is held by Prof. Lydia Velliscig from the Science, Technology and Society Class.


Prof.ssa Lydia Velliscig



The Orientation and Placement Office manages the orientation, placement activities and student services of the IUSS Pavia Graduate School of Higher Education.



The Communication Office is in charge of managing support activities for the ALUMNI project.

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