Mission, Vision, Identity
da IUSS Pavia, al mondo

The mission of the IUSS University School of Pavia is to contribute to the progress of society, both by training young people capable of consciously facing the complexity of development, and by building new knowledge to guide the progress of society. This mission is shared with many other universities and identifies the responsibility that the IUSS School assumes towards its stakeholders.

The Vision identifies the positioning of IUSS School in the medium-length (5 years) and in the long (10 years) period, within the scope of its mission and with respect to the evolution of its national and international vocation and to external changes due to the evolution of society. In the vision, the choice of identity is important, and it must allow IUSS School to develop as a national and international reference partner on identity issues. The whole University participates in the construction of the vision and in particular the academics who can present their own contributions. The vision represents a system value with which to guide decisions so that the actions to be taken are guided in this direction.

Identity is a central aspect of the mission and role of IUSS School. Identity is a bonding element within IUSS School and generates a sense of belonging that must be recognized externally. Identity is therefore an element of both recognition and distinction.

IUSS School intends to identify itself with a structure that starts from the typical representation of universities, based on SSDs and divided into departments by subject areas which in turn manage the degree and doctoral courses and the groups and research centers, but which compared to this is explicitly oriented towards issues of cultural, social, economic, industrial, institutional, scientific, development and progress relevance, addressed towards some of the great challenges of humanity and the planet