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PhD SDC - Multidisciplinary Event

Multi-Disciplinary Events (MD)

21-22-23 giugno 2022

The MD events aim to expose all PhD candidates to the full complexity of designing and implementing a transition towards a more just, sustainable, and zero net-emissions society to manage weather and climate-risks. These events will take the form of two MD workshops (MD-WS):

● Year 1 (MD-WS1): Complexity of sustainability and climate change: an overview

● Year 3 (MD-WS2): Complexity of sustainability and climate change: final report.


MD-WS1 will take place in the first months of the PhD course. It will include lectures delivered by academics working in all six curricular areas which will provide candidates with high-level knowledge on the key themes of sustainability and climate change. This will add to their understanding of the multiple challenges we face, and will help to identify the most effective solutions.


In MD-WS1, candidates will work in small multi-disciplinary teams on a research project which will be completed and presented during the week of the workshop.