Cecchini Domiziana
Doctoral Student
Struttura di afferenza: CLASSE SUV


PhD candidate in Biomolecular Sciences and Biotechnology.

I graduated in Medicinal Chemistry LM-13 at Università La Sapienza di Roma. During those years I’ve had the possibility of pursuing an annual internship in Pharmaceutical Chemistry’s laboratories leaded by professors Antonello Mai and Sergio Valente. My thesis’s project named “ From the molecular striptease of the lead compound M-41 to the developing of new quinoline core NADPH oxidase inhibitors” was centred into synthesis, design and development of NOX’s inhibitors. This project in cooperation with the Università di Pavia, has led to the identification of a lead compound and the co-crystallization of this in the NOX5’s DH domain. The observation of the crystallographic structure led our research to the molecular striptease of M-41. Starting from this we’ve chosen an analogue which has performed the best results in terms of inhibition percentage to the NOX1, -2, -5 isoforms and from this, we’ve synthetised the corresponding analogues. 
My PhD research project, supervised by Professor Andrea Mattevi, will be focused on the study of the coenzyme Q10 biosynthesis, aiming to elucidate the biochemistry and the structural biology of the COQ metabolon.