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Mucedero Gianrocco
Graduate Researcher
Organization Unit: CLASSE STS
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Gianrocco Mucedero

got his Master of Science degree (magna cum laude) in Civil Engineering in 2017 at the University of Pavia (Italy), with a specialization in structural design. The research topic of the MSc thesis, entitled “Progressive collapse: analysis and comparison of different types of buildings”, was the progressive collapse of buildings under low probability-high consequence events. After the conclusion of his MSc degree, he immediately started to work on the study of induced seismicity effects in buildings in Groningen, at Arup in Amsterdam, addressing mainly the seismic risk assessment of Dutch unreinforced masonry buildings and retrofit systems. He then enrolled, in September 2018, in the PhD programme in “Understanding and Managing Extremes”, curriculum Earthquake Engineering and Engineering Seismology (ROSE), at IUSS in Pavia (Italy). Since 2015 he is also Tutor Assistant of Structural Engineering and Mechanics for Civil Engineering MSc degree at the University of Pavia.

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The main PhD research topic is the comprehensive seismic assessment of existing RC buildings. In particular, a better understanding of the impact of a more accurate characterization of the contribution of masonry infills and other nonstructural elements in the seismic behavior of buildings is sought. Both single buildings and building portfolios are considered. The seismic performance is assessed in a fully integrated manners, considering expected annual losses as the main risk metric.





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