Foto Ahtasham H.
Doctoral Student
Organization Unit: CLASSE SUV


PhD candidate in THE HADRON ACADEMY: Risk and complexity in high tech medical innovation.

I am Hafiz Ahtasham ul Hassan, a dedicated physicist and researcher originating from Pakistan. My academic journey has been marked by a profound commitment to the field of physics.I completed my undergraduate studies with distinction, earning a BS (Hons) in Physics from the esteemed University of Education, Lahore. This foundational education equipped me with a comprehensive understanding of the principles that govern the physical world.Building upon my undergraduate success, I pursued an M.Phil. in Solid State Physics, a discipline that captivates my intellectual curiosity. In 2022, I proudly graduated from the University of the Punjab, specializing in solid-state physics.
During my M.Phil. research, I delved into the captivating exploration of "Viability of Soft and Hard Ferrites Nanoparticles for the Treatment of Cancer in Human Hepatoma." This research aimed to contribute valuable insights to the critical area of cancer treatment, showcasing my commitment to making a positive impact on healthcare through scientific inquiry.
Presently, I stand as a selected participant in the XXXIX cycle of the research project "Wearable, unobtrusive systems for the monitoring of relevant biosignals" at IUSS Pavia, affiliated with THE HADRON ACADEMY. This project represents a significant step in addressing the challenges and complexities inherent in high-tech medical innovation.