Didactic activities

The PhD program includes three types of didactic activities:
- introductory courses in different areas of theoretical and experimental linguistics (mandatory in the first year);
- advanced courses;
- reading groups.
Most courses have a 10-hour duration, while reading groups have variables duration.
PhD students are encouraged to take, in addition to the mandatory introductory courses, a number of advanced courses and reading groups each year, depending on their research interests.
Moreover, the teaching plan includes further courses/seminars (mandatory) aimed at transversal training in the fields of information technology, communicative skills, research management and innovation, grant opportunities, ethics and principles of equality and integrity.
This schema guarantees the mandatory 150 hours of training over the three years.

Core didactic activities:

Introduction to theoretical syntax - Matteo Greco
Dynamic Antisymmetry and predication - Andrea Moro
Dynamic antisimmetry and typology - Ian Roberts
Introduction to linguistic computation - Cristiano Chesi
Psychedelics and schizophrenia: a double-edged sword - Marta Bosia
Prosodic disambiguation of disjunctive questions - Valentina Bianchi, Giuliano Bocci
Introduction to neurolinguistics and neuropragmatics - Valentina Bambini
The neuropragmatics of humor and irony (didattica integrativa per il corso Introduction to neurolinguistics and neuropragmatics) - Luca Bischetti
Distributional semantics for clinical linguistics studies  (didattica integrativa per il corso Introduction to neurolinguistics and neuropragmatics) - Chiara Barattieri di San Pietro
Brain surgery multimodal language mapping: from clinical applications to translation research - Marco Riva
Advances in computational linguistics (reading group) - Cristiano Chesi
Applications and methods of neuropsychology - Eleonora Catricalà   

Altre attività formative (seminari, corsi trasversali):
Research based innovation - Riccardo Pietrabissa
Ciclo di seminari "IUSS Linguistics seminars"    
Statistics with R - I (seminario)  - Nevio Dubbini  
Statistics with R - II (seminario) - Nevio Dubbini   
TechTransfer Pills - Docenti IUSS e Netval