Area meetings of the IUSS School of Pavia
Esposizione data
29 Gennaio 2020

The IUSS University School of Pavia presents itself to the aspirants of the Ordinary Courses, participating from 29 January to 7 February in the Area Meetings, organized by the Orientation Centre of the University of Pavia, to be held at Palazzo San Tommaso, Piazza del Lino, and at the Educational Center of Engineering, Pavia.

The Scuola Universitaria Superiore Iuss in Pavia, located in the historic Palazzo del Broletto in Pavia, is a public institution of higher education (funded by the MIUR) working alongside the University of Pavia and other university institutions to offer highly qualified training courses to students of particular talent, enhancing their abilities.

In order to enhance the educational model of higher education schools and develop synergies in education and advanced research, the IUSS School of Pavia from 25 February 2018 is federated with two prestigious high schools (Scuola Normale and Sant'Anna di Pisa)

Students graduating from upper secondary school are admitted to the IUSS by public selection (national competition) exclusively on merit.

The courses offered are Ordinary Courses, that is to say courses parallel (contemporary) to the educational path followed in the degree, master’s or single cycle courses of the University of Pavia, advanced and interdisciplinary that enrich and deepen the university preparation.

The Ordinary courses are intended for students of the University of Pavia, winners of admission competitions to enter the IUSS School and residents of the University Colleges of Pavia, and are structured in two classes: the Class of Humanities and Life Sciences and the Class of Technology and Society Sciences.

There are 32 places per cycle of 1 year level (three-year course or single cycle), 16 places per class.

Of which:

16 places with free college and tax exemption
     (4 posts for each subject area)



Area Sanitaria e Scientifica e Corsi Ordinari dello IUSS

Sede: Palazzo San Tommaso, Piazza del Lino 3 Pavia

29 Gennaio 2020


30 Gennaio 2020


31 Gennaio 2020


Aula e orari

Nicola Canessa

Chiara Cerami

Giulia Mattavelli

AULA G1 - Ore 9.35 – 9.45

Clara Armaroli

Andrea Tiengo

Andrea Tiengo

AULA E1 Ore 9.35 – 9.45