tocco di laurea
Final Examination PhD in Understanding and Management of Extreme Situations - 33 Cycle
Esposizione data
25 Febbraio 2022
Sede evento
IUSS, Piazza della Vittoria 15, nella Sala del Camino

Friday 25 February 2022, from 14:00
at the IUSS headquarters, Piazza della Vittoria 15, in the Sala del Camino
The public discussion of the thesis of the 33rd cycle of the PhD in Understanding and Management of Extreme Situations will take place.


CHALARCA ECHEVERRI BRYAN: "Implementation of fluid viscous dampers as a seismic protection system and its effects on the structural and nonstructural seismic response"

MERINO VELA ROBERTO: "Direct displacement-based seismic design of non-structural elements"

SHAHNAZARYAN DAVIT: "Integrated performance-based seismic design: traversing affordances for practical implementation"

The exam will take place in presence (reservation required writing to postlaurea@iusspavia.it by 18 hours of 24 February) with the obligation of Green Pass strengthened and FFP2 masks.
Alternatively, you can follow it remotely at the following link: https:///iusspa.zoom.us/j/81599293716


For more information:
www.iusspavia.it - postlaurea@iusspavia.it