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Il dono di Babele: il razzismo e l’inganno delle lingue geniali - Bookcity Milano
Esposizione data
16 Novembre 2019

Castello Sforzesco di Milano
16 novembre 2019, ore 11


The gift of Babel: racism and the deception of brilliant languages
With Andrea Moro and Massimo Cacciari

Andrea Moro, in a dialogue with the philosopher Massimo Cacciari, addresses the prejudices, deriving from the conviction that there are better languages than others, with every weapon available: from philosophy, to linguistics, to neuroscience. Professor Moro explains in a simple way that from a biological point of view, we all speak the same language, always. A passionate journey in the evolution of thought to look to the future and learn to recognize, inside and around us, the most radical and sneaky racism.

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