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IUSS Philosophy Workshop - Affectivity and Technology: Philosophical Explorations
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19-20 Maggio 2022

IUSS Philosophy Workshop
"Affectivity and Technology: Philosophical Explorations"

L&PIC - Linguistics & Philosophy Center IUSS Pavia 
The Mark of the Mental Project (MOM)

IUSS/UniSR PhD program Cognitive Neurosciences and Philosophy of Mind 
www.iusspavia.it - http://www.iusspavia.it/-/the-mark-of-the-mental-mom-prin-2017 

May 19th-20th, 2022

IUSS, Piazza della Vittoria 15, 27100 Pavia – Sala del Camino 

The IUSS Philosophy Workshop Affectivity and Technology: Philosophical Explorations is organized within the Linguistics & Philosophy IUSS Center (L&PIC) and the PRIN Project “The Mark of the Mental” (MOM) and will be held in at IUSS Pavia, Palazzo del Broletto. 
In the last decades there has been a strong development in the analysis of affectivity in philosophy, in connection both with a so-called “affective turn” in the philosophy of cognitive science and with a rediscovery of the phenomenological tradition (Colombetti 2014; Deonna, Teroni 2012; Scarantino 2016; Scarantino & De Sousa 2018). In particular, connecting the embodied, extended and scaffolded view of the mind with the topic of affectivity and emotions, the framework of “situated affectivity” has gained momentum, pointing out the important role of the interaction between the emoter and the environment in the unfolding of our affective life (Colombetti & Krueger 2015; Griffiths & Scarantino 2009; Stephan et al. 2013; Stephan & Walter 2020). 
There has also been a growing interest in the philosophical analysis of technology and of technological artifacts, resulting in the effort of giving a more systematic shape to the domain of philosophy of technology (Clowes et al. 2021; Franssen et al. 2018; Hilpinen 2011). The aim of this workshop is to foster the interaction between the philosophical reflections on affectivity and those on technology, giving resonance to this fruitful borderland (Candiotto 2016, Candiotto & Piredda 2019; Colombetti 2020; Fasoli 2018; Krueger 2014,  Krueger & Szanto 2016, Krueger & Osler 2020; Heersmink 2013, 2017, 2018; Piredda 2020). 
Laura Candiotto (Pardubice University) 
Marco Fasoli (University of Roma - La Sapienza)
Richard Heersmink (Monash University) 
Joel Krueger (Exeter University) 
Giulia Piredda (IUSS Pavia) 


The workshop will take place in person. 
Nevertheless, participation will also be available via Zoom at https://iusspavia.zoom.us/j/99529506550
Everyone is invited.
Info at:  Giulia Piredda, giulia.piredda@iusspavia.it