"La fase di commercializzazione e i contratti di licenza: non solo clausole e royalty"
Esposizione data
24 Marzo 2021

Giuseppe Conti IUSS University School of Pavia and Netval

Andrea Ravaioli University of Bologna

24 March at 15.00

Licensing agreements with the industrial world are a "classic" mode of technology transfer and commercial exploitation of patents of universities and research bodies. In the webinar we propose a series of topics that we often face in a licensing path and that, for various reasons, can determine particular situations and potentially critical to manage: licensing to spin-off companies, express license and shares; how to manage and regulate future improvements; the management of the "outline" to the patent license (transfer of related know-how, research commissioned in parallel); and if instead of the license we ask for the assignment of the patent? ; covid-related NERF licenses.

More information: https://netval.it/servizi/formazione/corsi-2021/