Leonardo e Vitruvio. Oltre il cerchio e il quadrato
Esposizione data
21 Febbraio 2020

Pavia The collateral initiatives to the exhibition "Looking for Monna Lisa", organized by the Municipality of Pavia in collaboration with the University, continue Friday, February 21, 2020 with the conference "Leonardo and Vitruvio. Beyond the circle and the square" by Prof. Paolo Clini, professor of the Polytechnic University of Marche.

The talk will deal with the research of harmony and the legendary drawings of the Codex Atlanticus of Leonardo da Vinci.
The university professor Paolo Clini will lead to the discovery of a meeting, that of Leonardo, a Florentine genius, with Vitruvio, the Prince of Architects.

It is starting from Vitruvius' description of the perfect man, in the third book of De Architectura, that Leonardo made the Vitruvian Man, a measure of all things.

With the famous drawing the Renaissance artist comes to define the roots of the aesthetic canons of beauty within an obsessive search for harmony and the impossible squaring of the circle, which will culminate in his incredible studies of Lunule.
De Architectura by Vitruvio is also a source of inspiration for Leonardo scientist, who must have particularly loved the pages in which the architect presents admirable devices to measure time, to lift water or to build deadly war machines.

The appointment of 21 February will then allow you to explore the relationship that links the genius of the Renaissance with the famous architect of Ancient Rome.
Prof. Clini, speaker of the conference, was the curator, with Francesca Borgo and Guido Beltramini, of the exhibition organized in Fano in 2019 on the same theme.