Andrea Moro in the journal "Nature" with a paper on artificial intelligence and human language
Thu, 21/03/2024

Scientific contribution on Artificial Intelligence and Human Language published in Nature. Among the authors is Prof. Andrea Moro, IUSS Pavia

A contribution has been published today in the prestigious journal "Nature" that goes to the heart of the issue of artificial intelligence: its relationship with human language. The study, led by Johan J. Bolhuis, Stephen Crain, Sandiway Fong and Andrea Moro.  The authors, whose last name includes Andrea Moro, a renowned neurolinguist and full professor of General Linguistics at the IUSS Graduate School of Higher Education, reiterated that artificial intelligence is not able to grasp the essence of human language but, if anything, to simulate some aspects of it.

There were two main arguments: the fact that children are able to acquire language on the basis of minimal data compared to what a machine needs, and the fact that the distinction between possible and impossible languages, which in recent years has proven to be the real breakthrough on the biological foundations of language, does not apply to machines. For machines, there are no impossible languages; for humans, there are, with enormous implications for issues such as evolution and technologies applied to the brain.