ROSE Seminar
ROSE Seminar - Simplified Approaches for the Risk Assessment of Non-Ductile Infilled RC Structures
Tue, 11/10/2022

ROSE Seminar

12 th October 2022,  17:00 CET

Sala del Camino - Aula Magna IUSS

This presentation will be given by Al Mouayed Bellah Nafeh on:

Simplified Approaches for the Risk Assessment
of Non-Ductile Infilled RC Structures

Speaker: Al Mouayed Bellah Nafeh
When: 12th October 2022 17:00 CET
Where: Sala del Camino, IUSS Pavia
Meeting ID: 831 1456 6728

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The activities of the ROSE Centre are focused on research and advanced training in the field of seismic risk reduction. They encompass the fields of structural and geotechnical engineering, applied mathematics, structural dynamics, engineering seismology, probability and statistics, advanced numerical analysis and state-of-the-art experimental testing techniques.

In particular, the research activities are focused on several specific topics pertinent to the effective quantification and reduction of seismic risk. These include the study of non-structural elements and their role in incurring economic losses in buildings, in addition to retrofit decision-making tools considering both seismic upgrade benefits and potential environmental impacts. The development of seismic design, assessment and risk classification methodologies via advanced probabilistic and statistical approaches for various structures and infrastructures, such as buildings and bridges, also form a core part of the ROSE Centre’s research activities. Many of these are carried out in close collaboration between IUSS Pavia and the University of Pavia in addition to the Eucentre Foundation ( through their extensive experimental testing facilities. 

In terms of advanced training, the ROSE Centre provides continual support for the study programmes of IUSS Pavia in the field of seismic risk reduction. This refers specifically to the ROSE curricula of the PhD programme in understanding and managing extremes (UME, in addition to a Master’s degree in Civil Engineering for Mitigation of Risk from Natural Hazards (, which are both jointly offered with the University of Pavia.