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Seminario UME - Liel
PhD UME - didactic Seminar "Recovery and Resilience"
Sede evento
IUSS, classroom 1-15
Ora evento
at 16.30

Two short seminars covering different aspects regarding post-disaster recovery and resilience.

November 28, 2022, 16:30
Operationalizing concepts of functional recovery to support design for community resilience. Assessment of functional recovery of buildings after earthquakes, illustration of results and efforts for standardization in the US.

November 29, 2022, 16:30
The case for disaster resilient housing: why and how. Understanding earthquake (and hurricane) performance of housing and identifying opportunities for improving this performance.

Speaker: Abbie Liel, University of Colorado, Boulder


IUSS - Palazzo del Broletto
Piazza della Vittoria 15, Pavia

Room 1-15