Seasonal School


Open applications for the free course aimed at PhD students enrolled in the six Italian Graduate Schools.

Applications must be submitted by July 31, 2023, following the procedures outlined in the attached announcement.

Within the framework of the project "Special Ordinance High Schools: institutions in the service of the country," involving the six national Special Ordinance High Schools, the University Institute for Advanced Studies (IUSS) in Pavia has outlined among its objectives the strengthening of the third mission through enhanced relationships with various stakeholders. This is aimed at promoting cultural development and socio-economic innovation, particularly to improve the impact of research and boost technology transfer at both the national and international levels, including through entrepreneurship projects.

To this end, IUSS School is committed to promoting actions to support students and researchers from all High Schools in developing an entrepreneurial approach to generate new business ideas. These ideas should clearly represent an activity of valorizing the skills acquired during academic experiences and research activities.

Netval has been working since 2002 to disseminate the culture of research results valorization, to foster the creation and consolidation of the professional figure of the technology transfer manager (TT manager), and to organize structures, offices, and services within Italian research centers and universities dedicated to protecting and transferring research results. Netval aims to promote the creation of new businesses based on new knowledge and the results of scientific and technological research. From this perspective, Netval is also committed to guiding universities and research institutions towards the so-called Third Mission.

The course of the seasonal school "STUDENT ENTREPRENEURSHIP SCHOOL: STEM + SSH," which will take place in person from September 25 to 27, with hours from 9-17 at the IUSS School headquarters (Palazzo del Broletto, Piazza Vittoria 15), is organized by IUSS School of Pavia, as part of the Pro3Fed6 project of the six national graduate schools, in collaboration with Netval. The course aims to generate greater awareness of the possibilities of valorizing research in the field of humanities.

The course is free for participants and will be conducted in Italian.

The initiative is reserved for 30 PhD students enrolled in a Graduate School among the following: IUSS di Pavia, Sant'Anna School of Pisa, Normal School of Pisa, IMT Alti Studi Lucca, Gran Sasso Science Institute dell'Aquila, and SISSA of Trieste, with a reserve of 5 seats per school.

The program will include lectures on intellectual property, spin-off and start-up companies; roundtable discussions for presenting experiences and methodologies; group work aimed at applying the tools acquired during the course.

Through training sessions on specific topics, success stories of entrepreneurial experiences, and group work, the goal is to broaden the perspective of PhD students – naturally inclined towards research – to the vast entrepreneurial possibilities of valorizing research results in the humanities.