Mobility information for medical conditions

It is recommended to check information regarding the arrivals and International mobility arrangements normally written on the Host University’s web-site.


Outgoing staff and students have to:

  • verify possible health risks at the hosting Country on the Foreign Ministry “Viaggiare Sicuri” 's website, frequently consulting the country page and the section about the health conditions;
  • get information about the incoming mobilities written on the Host University’s website;
  • it’s mandatory to read carefully the information sheet and subscribe the declaration of risk assumption

Health Insurance Card

Before leaving, students have to check with the local ATS's office the validity of the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) in the host Country and get information about possible health risks in the hosting country, prophylaxis measures to take before leaving, necessary vaccinations and to get sanitary certificates, if the host country requested them.

Virtual mobilities

Mobilities can start in “virtual” mode and they can be completed with a period of activity in presence abroad (physical mobility).


Concering blended mobilities (virtual+physical), the University School for Advanced Studies IUSS Pavia, in accordance with the European Commission’ indications, will not award any economic contribution for mobilities carried out in virtual mode.

Erasmus+ scholarships are provided only for those mobilities concerning the period effectively spent abroad at the host University.