Frau Federico
Doctoral Student
Organization Unit: CLASSE SUV


Federico Frau graduated in Linguistic Sciences at the University of Turin in 2019, defending a master’s degree thesis concerning linguistic and communicative impairment in Parkinson’s Disease. In particular, his thesis summarised the main results obtained during a research carried out at the Regional Centre for Parkinson’s Disease and Movement Disorders of the University Hospital “City of Health and Science” of Turin. After receiving his master’s degree, he joined the research Group on Inferential Processes in Social Interaction (GIPSI) of the University of Turin as a research trainee, focusing on the study of pragmatic abilities from a cognitive and clinical perspective. During this training period, he was awarded a 6-month research scholarship for the assessment of narrative abilities in adolescents with autism spectrum disorder.

Federico Frau’s PhD research focuses primarily on neurolinguistics and clinical linguistics. His interests include the investigation of the neural correlates of pragmatic ability, as well as the assessment and treatment of pragmatic disorders in different neurological and psychiatric conditions