Volpara Gabriele
Doctoral Student
Organization Unit: DOTTORATO CBS


Gabriele Volpara began his undergraduate studies at the University of Genoa where, in July 2018, he received his bachelor's degree in "Psychological Sciences and Techniques" (L-24) with a thesis that explored the topic of consciousness according to different perspectives, from philosophical to neuroscientific through psychological.
He then moved to Turin where he continued his studies, obtaining in March 2021 his master's degree in "Sciences of the Body and Mind" (LM-51) with a thesis that examined the brain changes underlying the aging process by conducting a meta-analysis. 
Afterwards, Gabriele Volpara did his professional internship at the Department of Psychology, University of Turin. During this year he took part in research activities mainly concerning the topics of conscious and unconscious processing of stimuli and body representation.
In August 2022 he passed the State Examination and obtained the qualification of Psychologist.
With the academic year 2022/2023, he starts at IUSS Pavia the PhD program in "Cognitive Brain Sciences" where he deals with metacognition.


Volpara, G., Nani, A., & Cauda, F. (2022). The Reflected Face as a Mask of the Self: An Appraisal of the Psychological and Neuroscientific Research About Self-face Recognition. Topoi, 41(4), 715-730.

Nani, A., Volpara, G., & Faggio, A. (2021). Sentience With or Without Consciousness. Journal of Consciousness Studies, 28(1-2), 60-79.