Arosio Marcello
Assistant Professor
Organization Unit: CLASSE STS
Scientific Discipline: Costruzioni idrauliche e marittime eĀ idrologia


Experienced civil engineer specializing in flood risk assessment with a strong academic background and extensive practical experience. Holds a Ph.D. in "Risk and Emergency Management" from IUSS Pavia within the Understanding and Managing Extreme program, where research focused on leveraging Graph Theory for holistic assessment of natural hazard risks within complex systems, such as urban context. This work pioneered innovative modeling approaches, particularly applied in the context of urban environments such as Mexico City.
Possesses a Master's degree in "Civil Engineering for Risk Mitigation" from Politecnico di Milano, where research delved into turbulence structures in open channel flows over highly permeable beds. Conducted experiments at Aberdeen University's School of Engineering, contributing to the understanding of flow resistance influenced by river bed permeability.
Actively involved in projects addressing flood risk assessment and hydraulic infrastructure design for risk mitigation. Expertise includes evaluation of flood risk associated with climate variability, utilization of satellite imagery for disaster risk reduction, and development of risk assessment methodologies.