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Doctor of Philosophy
  • Battista Petronilla, Thesis "SAND: Screening for Aphasia in Neurodegeneration. Construction, Normative Data and Validation Study" 
  • Boschi Veronica, Thesis "Connected Speech in Neurodegenerative Language diseases: a review and machine learning study" 
  • Guidi Lucia, Thesis "Gli effetti protettivi del bilinguismo nella popolazione anziana" 
  • Viola Marco, Thesis "Basic emotions as natural kinds. The problem of psychological and neurocognitive categories" 
  • Zanin Elia, Thesis "Driving role of feature type vs. semantic domain in effective connectivity underlying semantic retrieval" 
  • Caccia Martina, Thesis "Music and Language in children with development dyslexia and specific language impairment: the relationship between musical processing, prosody and syntax"  
  • Sforza Fogliani Maria Paola, Thesis "Who watches the watchmen? Anti-exceptionalist, pluralist and revisabilist challenges to logic"  
  • Vitale Andrea, Thesis "Decoding the predictive brain. Tracking the prediction (error) at sensor and source level"  
  • Galandra Caterina, Thesis "The neuro-cognitive correlatesof chronic alcohol consumption: a multimodal neuroimaging study" 
  • Zanetti Luca, Thesis "A defence of lightweight aristotelianism in the philosophy of mathematics" 
  • Arioli Maria, Thesis  “Functional neuroimaging evidence on the neural bases of social interaction: from perception to representation and action” 
  • Barbieri Alberto, Thesis “The “ME” that is in consciousness. A metaphysical investigation into the problem of for-me-ness” 
  • Bischetti Luca, Thesis “Humor and theory of mind: is the comprehension of different types of jokes influenced by mentalizing skills?” 
  • Bianchi Silvia, Thesis "Weak Structuralism, Mutual Grounding and Quasi-Thin Objects: Steps Towards a New Taxonomy of Reality
  • Conca Francesca, Thesis "Investigating the multidimensionality of abstract concepts through a multidisciplinary approach
  • Tonini Elisabetta, Thesis “Pragmatics in the lifespan and in clinical groups: Investigating the development and decay of pragmatic skills and designing strategies to train them”