Annual presentation of the ongoing research activities by each PhD student.


Nidi seminars 2021

September 29, 2-5 pm
Davide Mocci, Restrictions on the internal order of Sanskrit bahuvrīhi compounds
Giacomo Zanotti, Consciousness unexplained
Arianna Beghetto The (hard) problem of the illusion

October 6, 2-3 pm
Marco Facchin, Extended Predictive Minds: do Markov Blankets really matter?

October 20, 3.30-5.30 pm
Bruno Cortesi, On the correct reading of the thesis of Revelation in the philosophy of mind
Federico Frau, The role of multimodal processes in pragmatic inference

October 27, 2.30-5.30 pm
Francesco Beltrame, Why-questions, Focus and Alternatives. A study on Italian
Matteo Baggio, Epistemic Overdetermination Strikes Back
Mohammad Maarefi, Metaphysics of Domination and Mathematical Practice

November 3, 2.30-4.30 pm
Sara Lo Presti, Neurophysiological and cognitive measures of decision making, personality and
motor cognition (running title)
Gaia Chiara Santi, Multimodal qualitative characterization of linguistic profile in
Neurodegenerative Disorders


11:00-12:00 Giacomo Zanotti, Physicalism and the burden of parsimony
12:00-13:00 Silvia Bianchi, Mutual Grounding for Weak Structuralism: a Non-foundationalist Perspective
14:00-15:00 Matteo Baggio, Intuition in Logic (working title)
15:00-16:00 Mohammad Maarefi, Logic and Geometry (working title)

15:00-16:00 Francesca Conca, Investigating the multidimensionality of abstract concepts through a multidisciplinary approach
16:00-17:00 Davide Mocci, Alternative paths: The remainder of the subject-predicate link (working title)

15:00-16:00 Sara Lo Presti, Neurophysiological and cognitive measures of motor cognition and decision making
16:00-17:00 Francesco Beltrame, Why-questions, focus and contrast-class. A study on Italian.

10:30-11:30 Marco Facchin, Predictive Processing (under the free energy principle) is not a representationalist theory of cognition 11:30-12:30 Arianna Beghetto, An Epistemic mark for the Mark of the Mental (working title)
12:30-13:30 Elisabetta Tonini, Pragmatics in the lifespan: an investigation on developmental trajectories and training programs.

Note: Seminars will take place in the Sala del Camino or alternatively via Zoom (links to be provided).

IUSS Work in Progress Webinars

Work in Progress Webinars is a series of seminars organized within the Cognitive Neuroscience and Philosophy of Mind doctoral programme. It has the goal of providing an opportunity for graduate students and postdoc in Philosophy to discuss informally work-in-progress and receive feedback from peers. Each meeting will feature a 45-minute presentation by students and fellows at different stages of their research, followed by a Q&A session. The meetings will be held on remote mode, through Zoom platform.
The participation is open.





info: The link zoom will be sent by e-mail.