Didactic activities

The purpose of the teaching activity is to foster contacts that can open interesting perspectives for the future career of the PhD fellows with a focus on topics at the frontier of the biomolecular sciences. The supervisors are responsible for teaching the fellows about the methods and techniques of greater use in their respective laboratory. In addition, the Doctorate offers seminars on "hot topics", each held by prestigious researchers in the sectors of interest. A more structured component is added to these seminars with two or three technical courses of general interest that are offered every other year such as scientific writing and bioinformatics.

Core didactic activities:
Bionformatics Resources - held by European Bioinformatics Institute EMBL-EBI di Oxford (UK)
From the discovery of Tumor-TargetingLigands to the development of Drugs - held by Philochem
Metodologie biomolecolari, metodiche biomolecolari, cellulari e farmacologiche - all PhD faculty

Other didactic activities (seminar, transversal courses):
Research-based innovation - Riccardo Pietrabissa
Technology transfer - TBD
Training soft skill in biomedicalresearch - improvingwriting and presentationskill - TBD
Seminars taught by high-profile lecturers on cutting-edge topics related to biomoleoclary sciences and biotechnology-TBD - various lecturers invited by faculty members