Biomolecular sciences and biotechnology
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The PhD Program in Biomolecular Sciences and Biotechnology is three-year full-time course jointly established with the University of Pavia. It offers a training path that is fully engaged with experimental research activity, with a focus on biomedical and biotechnological issues. Moreover, the program has a strong international character and is open to students of any nationality. Its interdisciplinary nature is enforced by the consolidated interaction between the proponents of the course and the possibility of accessing the scientific instruments and equipment present in the various laboratories and the wealth of experience of the individual research groups. The course includes lectures on topics relevant to the ongoing research projects.

The core of the activity is given by the cutting-edge research performed in the Doctorate laboratories of our Campus in the context of the activity of High Formation provided by the IUSS. The main themes addressed by the Doctorate are related to basic subjects, such as protein structure and engineering, research of industrial interest on enzymes and transgenic plants, as well as research of medical interest on genes that cause diseases and drugs with emphasis on oncological issues and related to neurodegeneration. Our program is very keen on the interactions with industries to expand the career opportunities for the PhD fellows. In essence, it is a Doctorate whose main focus is given by experimental and laboratory research.