The power of Language
Andrea Moro at New York Encounter: A Reflection on the Power of Language | February 17, 2024
Fri, 09/02/2024





In-person and Live Streaming

From February 16th to 18th, 2024, at the Auditorium Pavilion, a significant event will take place: New York Encounter 2024, an annual cultural gathering in the heart of New York.

In-person and via live streaming, Professor Andrea Moro, renowned for his expertise in general linguistics at the Institute of Advanced Studies IUSS in Pavia, Italy, will present a discussion titled "The Power of Language" on February 17th at 9:30 AM ET (3:30 PM Italian time).

Accompanied by Marguerite Peeters, director of the Institute for the Dynamics of Intercultural Dialogue in Brussels, and moderated by Stephen Lewis, English professor at Franciscan University of Steubenville, the event will focus on the nature of language and the danger of ideologies that manipulate it.

Professor Moro, known for his groundbreaking research in linguistics, will explore the crucial role of language in human identity and perception of reality. Specifically, he will analyze the current challenges posed by generative artificial intelligence and manipulative language use.

The New York Encounter is an annual three-day cultural event in the heart of New York City, offering opportunities for education, dialogue, and friendship. During this gathering, participants from diverse life experiences and cultural traditions come together to share ideas, experiences, and worldviews. Through conferences, discussions, artistic performances, and exhibitions, the New York Encounter encourages mutual understanding and the forging of authentic bonds among individuals from different backgrounds.

The event aims to create a space where people can meet, explore meaningful themes, and find inspiration for living a fuller and more meaningful life. With an emphasis on education, open dialogue, and the building of authentic relationships, the New York Encounter seeks to promote a society based on truth, beauty, and justice.

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About New York Encounter: New York Encounter is an annual three-day public cultural event in the heart of New York, dedicated to witnessing the new life and knowledge generated by faith. Through a variety of conferences, artistic performances, and exhibitions, the Encounter promotes mutual understanding, mutual building, and true friendship among people of different traditions, beliefs, and cultures.

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