Prof. Gian Michele Calvi
Professor Gian Michele Calvi receives the prestigious Mallet-Milne Prize
Wed, 22/05/2024

In an environment that celebrates excellence in earthquake engineering and seismology, Professor Gian Michele Calvi will receive one of the most prestigious awards in the field: the appointment as Lecturer of the 19th Lectio Magistralis Mallet-Milne. The Society for Earthquake and Civil Engineering Dynamics (SECED), the UK branch of the International and European Earthquake Engineering Associations, has chosen Prof. Calvi for his outstanding contributions to seismic design methods for buildings and bridges, seismic assessment and retrofitting, experimental methods and, finally, the development of earthquake engineering pedagogy.

The Lectio Magistralis Mallet-Milne, held every two years, is the most prestigious event in the SECED calendar. It is dedicated to emeritus figures in seismology or earthquake engineering and provides them a platform to share their most significant professional experiences. Professor Calvi’s nomination is in recognition of his long and distinguished career. It adds to the impressive list of previous winners, which includes the most famous earthquake engineers of the post-war period.

The final manuscript, carefully peer-reviewed by the SECED committee, will then be published online in the Bulletin of Earthquake Engineering.

Prof Calvi expressed his honour and pride at this appointment, recognizing the importance of the invitation not only for the prestige it brings but also for the opportunity to be accompanied by former students who have become successful colleagues. His lecture will take place on May 28th, 2025 at the Institution of Civil Engineers’ Thomas Telford Theatre in London, followed by a reception and celebratory dinner.

The Mallet-Milne Lectio Magistralis is an opportunity to celebrate achievements in earthquake engineering and an important platform for sharing knowledge and experience that can inspire future generations of engineers.

Prof. Calvi’s nomination for this prestigious event underlines his commitment and dedication to the field of earthquake engineering. Further, it confirms his role as a leader and pioneer.

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