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Student Services and Inclusion

The IUSS (University School for Advanced Studies) aims to ensure, in accordance with its Statute and Code of Ethics, equal opportunities and full participation of all students in the institutional activities of the School. To this end, it organizes its educational, support, and guidance services to make university study effective and fruitful, providing equal opportunities for attendance and access to lectures, labs, libraries, and all university facilities.

In particular, the IUSS of Pavia collaborates with AIAS ETS Milano, which, through the personal projects service, can offer specialized services for individualized educational planning for students with disabilities and/or specific learning disorders, thanks to its consolidated experience.

The nature of the services may vary depending on the type of disability and/or specific learning difficulty of the student involved, with the aim of supporting the student in achieving their educational goals and at the same time promoting the development of the individual's autonomy and study skills.

The services may include, for example:

• Attending classes and taking notes;
• Retrieving, preparing, and organizing educational material;
• Assistance during exams;
• Assistance with thesis writing;
• Support for computer use and other compensatory tools;
• Support for learning English.

The following may benefit from the aforementioned services, upon presentation of suitable medical certification:

• Students with disabilities and/or Specific Learning Disabilities (SLD) enrolled at the School;
• Candidates with disabilities and/or SLD participating in entrance exams for Ordinary Courses, Doctoral Courses, or other courses included in the School's educational offer;
• Foreign students with disabilities and/or SLD enrolled in international mobility programs and temporarily present at the School;
• Professors and researchers of the School, whether regular, associate, or on contract;
• Members of the technical-administrative staff.

The Orientation, Student Services, and Placement Unit, upon receipt of the request for activation of assistance services by a student, arranges a welcome meeting with the individual concerned. The aim of the meeting is to gather information and provide guidance regarding the individual needs of the student, starting from the analysis of the presented certification. At the end of the meeting, a personalized document will be prepared, containing the list of compensatory tools and other possible aids that the student may access.

For further information, please contact the Orientation, Student Services, and Placement Unit by writing to: