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Clinical pragmatics
Assessment and treatment of communicative pragmatic abilities in neurological and psychiatric disorders: feasibility and clinical efficacy

The project PATHS aims to develop an innovative approach to the study and treatment of socio-communicative and pragmatic disorders in neurological and psychiatric populations. The project is funded by the Ministry of Health (Bando Ricerca Finalizzata 2018) and is carried out in collaboration with IRCSS San Camillo in Venice (G. Arcara) e IRCSS San Raffaele in Milan (M. Bosia).

Objectives and expected scientific results

The goal of the project is to promote a feasible and effective approach to communicative disorders in neurological and psychiatric populations, focused on the pragmatics of language. Specifically, the project aims to: 1) test the psychometric properties of a brief test of pragmatics for large application in the National Health System; 2) test the efficacy of pragmatic treatment; 3) identify neurophysiological correlates of pragmatic impairment, of possible diagnostic and prognostic value. Results will fill the gap in the treatment of pragmatic language disorder with the goal of improving patients' and carers' quality of life.

Project team

Valentina Bambini, Biagio Scalingi