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Trusted Counsellor

The Trusted Counsellor, established by Article 14 of the Code of Ethics and Conduct of the School:

a) carries out his/her listening activity in order to protect anyone claiming to be a victim of behaviour which violates the principles set out in Art. 3, Art. 4, Art. 5 by another member of the Community, or another person working for the School, and endeavours to find a friendly and shared solution to the matter, ensuring confidentiality and without activating any formal procedure for the violation of this code envisaged by Art. 16 below;

b) has the task of monitoring any risk situations, carrying out activities in order to identify any type of uneasiness by also organising appropriate collective and individual meetings with the various components operating within the School, ensuring anonymity;

c) has access to administrative documents concerning the case submitted to his/her attention, without prejudice to his/her duty to guarantee the right to privacy of the subjects involved;

The Trusted Counsellor of IUSS School is Miss Sara Moruzzi (