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Trenitalia Welfare PLUS 20% Offer for IUSS School

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Mon, 25/03/2024
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Whitin the Trenitalia for Business programme, Trenitalia has the pleasure of reserving to the Academic Community of the IUSS Pavia School the Welfare PLUS 20% offer, a special 20% discount valid for the purchase of tickets for private journeys with a maximum of 6 accompanying persons. The discount applies to tickets issued in the Base, Economy and Super Economy fare categories of all Frecce trains in domestic service.

Pietrabissa e Fermi
Visit of Councillor Fermi to the IUSS

The Lombardy Region is in the process of finalising a measure that will, among other things, allow universities to continue investing in order to become increasingly attractive not only at national level but also at international level. This was confirmed by the Regional Councillor for Universities, Research and Innovation, Alessandro Fermi, during the Pavia leg of the tour of Lombardy's universities, where he also met in the afternoon with the Undersecretary of the Presidency of the Lombardy Region, Ruggero Invernizzi, the Rector, Riccardo Pietrabissa, and numerous professors, staff and students of the IUSS School of Pavia.

Andrea Taramelli
Video Rai.TV - Televideo - Prof. ANDREA TARAMELLI IUSS Pavia (Earth Technology Expo 2023)
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Andrea Moro - Authors on Loan
Silvia De Toffoli a RAI RADIOTRE - RADIO 3 SCIENZA 11.30 - "Punto e virgola"-2023)