IUSS Cognitive Neuroscience Seminar
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30 Maggio 2022

IUSS Cognitive Neuroscience Seminars
IUSS Cognitive Neuroscience Center

"Transdiagnostic approaches to understanding post-stroke and primary progressive aphasias, and their neural bases"

May 30th 2022, 14.00 – 16.00

Iuss – Sala Del Camino
Palazzo Broletto - Piazza della Vittoria n. 15

Speaker: Matthew Lambon Ralph, University of Cambridge

In traditional approaches to cognitive neurology and neuropsychology, variation in presentation across patients is commonly considered in terms of mutually-exclusive diagnostic categories and subtypes. It is increasingly clear that these approaches do not always capture the true variations in patients and, as a result, patients can fail to be diagnosed, or have multiple diagnoses, or change diagnosis over time. Variation in the natural world comes in at least two forms – categorical differences and dimensional variations. The latter are very familiar to us (e.g., temperature, pressure, etc.) but we have not typically considered cognitive-language variations in these terms (other than simple severity). In this talk I will use our recent studies of post-stroke aphasia and PPA to illustrate how graded, multidimensional variations can be extracted from patient samples and, in turn, how these dimensions can reveal discrete neural correlates.

The seminar will be also available via Zoom at: 

Eleonora Catricalà, eleonora.catricala@iusspavia.it