Iuss Philosophy Seminars The Mark of the Mental (MOM) Project
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25 Novembre 2020

Scuola Universitaria Superiore IUSS Pavia
Centro di Ricerca in Neurocognizione, Epistemologia e Sintassi teorica (NEtS) 

Iuss Philosophy Seminars
The Mark of the Mental (MOM) Project


November 25th 2020, 15.00

Massimo Dell’Utri – University of Sassari

Within the secular and still ongoing discussion about truth, what is by now known as alethic pluralism has proved to be one of the most interesting proposals recently advanced in the field. Indeed, from the last decade of the last century onwards the field of theories about truth has been enriched with the idea that truth is not only one, but also many—many alethically potent properties that differently characterise different domains of discourse. Moreover, thirty or so years of discussion showed also that “alethic pluralism itself is many rather that one” (Pedersen 2006, 112)—a family of views with different metaphysical commitments.

As it may happen in all good families, though, some members are neglected or overshadowed. This is the case with the view called “simple alethic pluralism”, and this talk seeks to remedy this. 
Accordingly, I will first provide a definition of the view and describe three different versions of it. Then I will put forward a fourth proposal, whose central element is what will be termed the focal meaning of the word ‘true’. With this in hand an account of the sense of ‘true’ is offered. Finally, I will point out some advantages of the new proposal.
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