Nidi Seminars 2021 - PhD in Cognitive Neuroscience and Philosophy of Mind
Esposizione data
6 Ottobre 2021
Sede evento
Sala del Camino IUSS

Scuola Universitaria Superiore IUSS di Pavia

PhD in Cognitive Neuroscience and Philosophy of Mind

Nidi Seminars 2021
from September 29th to November 3rd 2021

Sala del Camino - Palazzo Broletto
Piazza della Vittoria 15 - PV

This series of seminars hosts the presentation of the research activities pursued within the PhD program in Cognitive Neuroscience and Philosophy of Mind.
Each PhD student will present their research project, with topics ranging from consciousness to language processing, from metaphysical issues to decision making.

See the attached program for the other seminars.

Participation is free (subject to availability).

Link zoom: https://iusspavia.zoom.us/j/4261214978   




Nidi seminars 2021
September 29, 2-5 pm

Davide Mocci, Restrictions on the internal order of Sanskrit bahuvrīhi compounds
Giacomo Zanotti, Consciousness unexplained
Arianna Beghetto The (hard) problem of the illusion
October 6, 2-3 pm
Marco Facchin, Extended Predictive Minds: do Markov Blankets really matter?
October 20, 3.30-5.30 pm
Bruno Cortesi, On the correct reading of the thesis of Revelation in the philosophy of mind
Federico Frau, The role of multimodal processes in pragmatic inference
October 27, 2.30-5.30 pm
Francesco Beltrame, Why-questions, Focus and Alternatives. A study on Italian
Matteo Baggio, Epistemic Overdetermination Strikes Back
Mohammad Maarefi, Metaphysics of Domination and Mathematical Practice
November 3, 2.30-4.30 pm
Sara Lo Presti, Neurophysiological and cognitive measures of decision making, personality and motor cognition (running title)
Gaia Chiara Santi, Multimodal qualitative characterization of linguistic profile in Neurodegenerative Disorder