Research Programme

Addressing climate change and finding just and effective ways to redesign all human activities in a sustainable way is complex, and requires approaches that take account of many different aspects. Single disciplinary methods are sub-optimal, and although they might identify solutions to very specific problems, they might ultimately have negative impacts on some other important areas.

The PhD-SDC aims to promote inter-disciplinary discussion among the PhD candidates following the different curricula, so that the potential impact of individual research programmes on different fields can be identified and addressed. The aim is to replicate the reality of experts asked to study, understand and solve complex problems, not in isolation in a ‘single discipline bubble’, but in collaboration with colleagues with different backgrounds and expertise.

Intra- and extra-curricula events will be organized, and interdisciplinary discussions will be promoted, to give all the PhD candidates opportunities to compare their ideas with those of their peers working in different areas who might see some potential implications of proposed solutions not previously considered. These events will provide opportunities for all the students to gain experience in presenting and reporting to different types of audiences and ensuring that the information is understandable to audiences with different backgrounds. Discussion, critique and feedback from colleagues on the effects of different proposed actions in different areas, will help the PhD candidates to develop and practice multi-level, multi-disciplinary approaches required to build a juster, more sustainable, healthier and decarbonized society.

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