Berkeley SkyDeck Europe, Milan: Results of Batch 17 Unveiled with Nine Selected Startups
Lun, 29/04/2024

Berkeley SkyDeck Europe, based in Milan, has recently announced the results of its batch 17 program, aimed at startups across Europe. This initiative, launched in partnership with Berkeley SkyDeck, Cariplo Factory, and Lendlease, received crucial support from the Lombardy Region and the Cariplo Foundation.

Among the nine selected startups, four are Italian, highlighting the growing entrepreneurial ecosystem in the country. The Italian startups include:

  • Klaaryo: A talent intelligence solution supporting human resources in identifying top candidates. The platform provides a comprehensive view of candidate profiles, assessing their compatibility with required skills.

  • MON5: Specializing in cybersecurity for critical infrastructures, MON5 offers a product capable of integrating and monitoring the security and efficiency of even heterogeneous systems.

  • Plino: A co-pilot for business data analysis, powered by Generative-AI, promising to revolutionize the approach to data analysis in enterprises.

  • Supplai: An AI-based procurement management platform designed specifically for SMEs in the food & beverage sector.

During the six-month program, held both in California and at the MIND Milano Innovation District, startups received an initial investment of €1.3 million and had the unique opportunity to interact with European investors, international companies, and prestigious Italian universities, selected through a call promoted by the Cariplo Foundation. Among these universities is the Istituto Universitario di Studi Superiori (IUSS) in Pavia, which played a significant role in supporting innovation and the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

SkyDeck Europe has demonstrated its value in the European startup landscape, receiving over 1,600 applications in the first two years of operation and supporting the growth of 36 startups from various countries and sectors.

For more information on the batch 17 results and the Berkeley SkyDeck Europe program, visit here.

These results underscore the importance of acceleration initiatives like Berkeley SkyDeck Europe in supporting innovation and success for European startups, contributing to their development and value creation in the global entrepreneurial landscape.