Nigel Priestley
Ottava Edizione del Seminario Internazionale Nigel Priestley | 23-24 maggio 2024
Ven, 03/05/2024


The Centre for Training and Research on Reduction of Seismic Risk (ROSE) is an established development of the University School of Advanced Studies IUSS Pavia (, a higher education institution in Italy that offers international advanced postgraduate programmes. Innovative, internationally planned, open minded, grown on the traditionally fertile soil of the University of Pavia, and based on a system of university halls of residence (Collegi) unique in Italy, IUSS prepares brilliant individuals to take on the most challenging and demanding public and private positions in contemporary Italy, Europe and the rest of the world. In this framework, ROSE offers both MSc and PhD programmes geared towards seismic risk mitigation.
The activities of the ROSE Centre are focused on research and advanced training in the field of seismic risk reduction.
They encompass the fields of structural and geotechnical engineering, applied mathematics, structural dynamics, engineering seismology, probability and statistics, advanced numerical analysis and state-of-the-art experimental testing techniques. In particular, the research activities are focused on several specific topics pertinent to the effective quantification and reduction of seismic risk. These include the study of non-structural elements and their role in incurring economic losses in buildings, in addition to retrofit decision-making tools considering both seismic upgrade benefits and potential environmental impacts. The development of seismic design, assessment and risk classification methodologies via advanced probabilistic and statistical approaches for various structures and infrastructures, such as buildings and bridges, also form a core part of the ROSE Centre’s research activities. Many of these are carried out in close collaboration between IUSS Pavia and the University of Pavia in addition to the Eucentre Foundation ( through their extensive experimental testing facilities.
Training wise, each ROSE course is intensively taught in a period of one to four weeks, during which the respective lecturer is able to fully dedicate their time exclusively to the scholastic activities of the programme, thus ensuring teaching and research training at the highest possible level of quality. All of the above endows a truly unique character, be it for its fully international nature or for its in-
novative organisation in education and research training.
Currently, jointly with the University of Pavia, IUSS runs the MSc in Civil Engineering for Mitigation of Risk from Natural Hazards, ( featuring two paths:

  • Reduction of Seismic Risk (ROSE) and Hydrogeological
  • Risk Mitigation (HYRIS).

At the PhD level, both the institutions, together with the Eucentre Foundation, run the PhD in Earthquake Engineering (ROSE).

In addition to ROSE faculty and students, a maximum of 50 external participants may also be accepted, for which professionals and researchers worldwide are encouraged to take part in the event. A 160€ fee is required from external attendees, to cover for the cost of coffee/lunch breaks and seminar dinner. Special financial conditions are in place for external university researchers or students, to whom a fee of 120€ is usually requested. Those who wish to attend the Seminar are kindly invited to contact the Eucentre Foundation Secretariat at

You may also refer to the IUSS website ( for further information on the ROSE activities.

The ROSE activities are carried out in Pavia, a historical town in the North of Italy (35km from Milan), full of university tradition. The Seminar itself will take place at the Collegio Riboldi, a landmark structure dating back to the second half of the seventeenth century, purposely refurbished to serve as an international hosting facility for postgraduate students and visiting scholars working in the field of natural risk mitigation. It is located in the centre of Pavia, in Via Luigi Porta,10.


Thursday, 23 May

9:30-10:00 Registration

10:00-12:30 Session 1

Doctoral Defences Infrastructure for flood risk reduction: parametric cost functions for mitigation measures and correlation of risk mapping with funds distribution. The Italian case
Margherita D’ayala

In climate veritas: Investigating the impact of climate variability on wine grape productivity in Italy
Laura Massano

A holistic approach toward chemical safety assessment and sustainable depollution innovation
Antonios Stratidakis

14:00-16:15 Session 2 

Doctoral Defences Multi-objective optimisation seismic retrofit considering life-cycle costs and environmental impacts
Karim Aljawhari

Simplified frameworks and tools for the preliminary assessment and prioritization of integrated structural and non-structural element seismic upgrades
Alessandra Miliziano

Simplified approaches for performance-based seismic assessment of infilled RC structures
Al Mouayed Bellah Nafeh

16:15-16:45 Coffee break

16:45-18:15 Session 3 - Doctoral Defences
Insights into the seismic response of pile supported wharves subjected to liquefaction-induced ground defor- mations: implications for design
Ricardo Rodríguez Plata

Risk assessment for RC buildings including earthquake sequences
Nevena Sipcic

19:30 Seminar Dinner

t Friday, 24 May
10:00-11:00 Session 4 - ROSE Alumni

Damage-informed ground motion and observational fragility assessment
Annalisa Rosti - University of Pavia, Italy

Revisiting some numerical modelling concepts for the assessment of precast pre-stressed hollow-core slabs
Emanuele Brunesi - Eucentre Foundation, Pavia, Italy

11:00-11:30 Coffee break

11:30-12:30 Session 5 - ROSE Alumni

Masonry, shaken not stirred
Francesco Graziotti - University of Pavia, Italy

Numerical modelling of an earth dam: a benchmarking study
Ali Guney Ozcebe - Eucentre Foundation, Italy

14:30 Session 6

Keynote Lecture

Emerging issues in the February 6, 2023 earthquake sequence in Turkey: seismic isolation, the outstanding winner
Haluk Sucuoglu - Middle East Technical University

15:30 Update on WCEE2024 organisation

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