Borsa del Placement
Borsa del Placement - forDoc

The "Borsa della Ricerca" is an initiative created to promote collaboration between higher education institutions and companies, with the aim of creating a direct connection between the world of education and the world of labour.

The "Borsa della Ricerca", with numerous online and on-site activities, allows participants to simultaneously meet recruiting, placement and employer branding needs, quickly obtaining concrete and effective results.

It is therefore a multi-channel project in continuous transformation that accommodates the different needs of all the stakeholders involved.

The University School for Advanced Studies IUSS Pavia has joined the event giving its PhD students the opportunity to get in touch with the business world aimed at finding a job.

A series of national events for PhD students, organised by the Fondazione Emblema together with three other University Schools for Advanced Studies (Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa, 'IMT di Lucca and SISSA di Trieste), designed to promote job orientation and professional placement for PhD students with the aim of providing them, with concrete support, the opportunity to find a job through the creation of a direct channel with the recruiters of large national and international companies interested in placing highly specialised profiles.

1) Virtual Fair forDoc, the only national career day of the Placement reserved to this specific target, designed as a traditional matching event but with all the advantages of the web.  

2) Recruiting Days forDoc: online meeting and discussion moments lasting 90 minutes during which companies have the opportunity to tell doctoral and post-doctoral students from all over Italy about the profiles they are looking for, the selection process and particular active projects, and the Live, online sessions with companies and investors in live streaming in which it is possible to participate and discuss both by chat and video.