The Human Mind and its Explanations: Language, Brain and Reasoning (HuME)

Over the past decade, the University of Milan, Scuola Normale Superiore in Pisa and Scuola Universitaria Superiore IUSS Pavia have promoted top-notch international research in areas shared by three institutions, ranging from the philosophy of mind and cognitive sciences to the philosophy of logic, epistemology and theories or reasoning.

Today more than ever, cutting-edge research requires taking these kinds of competences even further. For this reason, the HuME PhD Program requires candidates to develop a strong analytical and epistemological background, also promoting the harmonization between theoretical reflection and experimental practice. The goal is to attract young researchers wishing to dive deeper into the many facets of human cognition through a multi-disciplinary approach to their studies. This makes the HuME PhD program one-of-a-kind in Italy, and promises to make it a flagship program in Europe. 

Training for PhD students develops along two lines: fine-tuning the skills they acquired during their undegraduate and graduate studies, whilst providing them the theoretical and practical tools they need to explore philosophy, pure and experimental sciences, cognitive neuroscience, and linguistics. The program offers a multi-disciplinary approach that will allow students to devise original and innovative paths within their specialized area of research. 

Thanks to the network of partner Institutions, PhD candidates will have access to a wide range of theoretical and methodological courses, to experimental activities, and more generally to a variety of expertise among the members of the teaching board as they investigate the central issues of their research. 

The program aims at broadening the academic profile of students at an international level. Study periods abroad and exchange programs, participation in international conferences, and international networks of scientific partnerships (including collaborations with international research centres) are all offered either directly within the program, or through the Faculty's independent research activities. Coherently with this approach, teaching is entirely offered in English.