Third Mission Projects "Communicating Science"
Comunicare la Scienza

The Third Mission plays a leading role in the enhancement of scientific research and training, with the specific commitment to spread culture and knowledge and transfer research results outside the academic context, contributing to the cultural progress and sustainable development of society.

With this in mind, the Third Mission promotes dialogue and direct interaction with citizens, to foster relationships and create synergies between the world of research, civil society, institutions and businesses.

The IUSS University School of Pavia is a partner of the "Sharper Project - la notte europea del Ricercatore" (the European Researcher's Night") which was created to respond to the need to enhance the figure of female researchers and their role in society. To achieve this goal, the central idea of Sharper's promoters was to interpret the "Night" as an opportunity to share the passions which animate researchers in their work with the general public.


SHARPER is mainly characterized by two main aspects: the use of unusual streets, squares and places to talk about research and the collaboration between researchers and communicators to find new forms to involve the public.


IUSS School was a partner in the 2019 and 2020 editions of the FameLab event, a talent-show dedicated entirely to science, dissemination and communication. The young researchers and university students to whom the competition is open challenge each other in a three-minute talk on the fascinating and demanding ground of scientific communication.

Conceived in 2005 by the Cheltenham Science Festival, FameLab involves over 30 countries around the world with numbers which honor the initiative: 18 are the cities which have participate d in recent years, with over 700 young researchers involved and more than 70 cultural partners among universities, research institutes and public bodies, science communication companies, museums and media partners.


IUSS On Air sharing ideas is a digital format of the IUSS Pavia University School in order to inform, disseminate, understand, conceived and introduced in the historical moment of the pandemic.

With the IUSS On Air project, the IUSS University School of Pavia wants to offer a space for discussion and study to contribute with the skills of its community to decipher the scientific, social and human complexity which we are experiencing:

"In this delicate historical moment, in which the suspension and dilation of time do not seem to favor reflection, and physical distance seems to prevent sharing, the Iuss University School of Pavia launches IUSS On Air: a new digital offer of cultural and scientific initiatives to inform, disseminate, understand.

With the IUSS On Air project, the IUSS University School of Pavia wants to offer a space for discussion and study to contribute with the skills of its community to decipher the scientific, social and human complexity which we are experiencing.

Starting from 3 April and for the following few weeks, IUSS School will propose a program of short videos, offering contributions from its teachers, researchers and students. With this initiative, the School first of all wants to offer an additional tool to deal with the current emergency situation, with a critical and informed look on some of the most delicate aspects of the condition we are facing. Through scientific and cultural insights, not only does the School therefore intend to establish a dialogue within its own community, but also intends to offer a broad audience food for thought and moments of confrontation. Leveraging on the highly multidisciplinary nature of its fields of investigation and specialization - ranging from engineering and risk management to medicine and cognitive neuroscience, from psychology to linguistics and philosophy - IUSS suggests different perspectives for reading and understanding the present.

"What we are living in these months is a moment of extreme difficulty for everyone. The necessary containment measures due to the epidemiological emergency have radically changed our habits and the way we manage those personal relationships which are essential to our private and social life. In this situation, in which the risk of discouragement is always close, the academic community must be more committed than ever to strengthening its efforts of understanding and training, and to confirming its responsibility towards the university community and all citizenry. The IUSS Pavia University School wants, together with the other University Institutions, to contribute to at least virtually reduce the distances that we must keep today with the aim of showing that research, study and cultural and social commitment, today more that never, must not stop "(Andrea Sereni, Vice Rector Delegate to the Third Mission, IUSS Pavia) ".

Stefano Cappa | Will this be good for me? Ask for evidence

Valentina Bambini | Humor in the time of the Coronavirus

Andrea Taramelli | I can see it from satellite ... Where is the measure?

Nicola Canessa | The perception of risk in the time of the coronavirus

Riccardo Pietrabissa | Small stories of science and innovation: the mouse

Chiara Cerami e Chiara Crespi | We are ready for the post-COVID economic crisis

Marco Fasoli |The face of technology behind the masks

Alfredo Tomasetta and Marco Dotti | Forced players. Gambling as a public matter

Emanuele Guido and Luigi Filippo Brizzi | Student life during lockdown

Christian Salvatore | Artificial intelligence and medical images to support the diagnosis

Andrea Moro | That fragility that makes us unique

Andrea Mattevi | Unipv-IUSS: a defense against pathogens

Michele Di Francesco | Human science and the illusion of certainty

Clara Armaroli| Coastal areas: a fragile environment to be preserved

Marco Fasoli and Alfredo Tomasetta |Wellbeing and digital malaise: a philosophical (pre and post Covid) perspective

Sharper notte europea dei ricercatori

Progetto Sharper

Progetto Sharper

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Progetto FameLab

Progetto FameLab

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