Public Engagement
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As part of the activities of public engagement and dissemination of knowledge, IUSS promotes the participation of its academic staff in publications and events of a public and/or popular nature; it provides for the regular organization of conferences open to the general public on subjects of humanistic, social and scientific interest; it identifies issues of particular relevance and modernity for the organization of instant conferences held by its teachers also in dialogue with national and international experts; it participates in the networking activities of knowledge promoted locally by other public actors such as the Municipality of Pavia and the University of Pavia, regional, national and international.

The term "Public Engagement" defines the set of activities aimed at sharing the results of scientific research and training with a non-academic public.

To promote the dissemination of knowledge, IUSS School actively interacts with civil society, promoting activities of high educational and socio-cultural value and establishing solid relationships of listening, dialogue and collaboration with the socio-economic and productive fabric of the local, national and international territory. .

These activities include:

  • public events;
  • participation of the academic staff in public meetings or radio and television broadcasts;
  • conferences open to the city and to the general public on issues of humanistic, social and scientific interest of particular relevance and modernity for the organization of instant conferences held by its teachers also in dialogue with national and international experts
  • participation in the formulation of programs of public interest and in committees for the definition of technical standards and norms;
  • development of initiatives aimed at health protection, urban development and/or the enhancement of the territory;
  • management of orientation and interaction activities with superior graduate schools;
  • proposal of dissemination initiatives aimed at young people and adults who are part of the non-academic community.
  • popular publications at national or international level
  • public and/or dissemination events organized by external parties (festivals, fairs ...)

IUSS School is part of APEnet, the Italian Network of Universities and Research Bodies for Public Engagement created to disseminate, promote and enhance the culture and experiences of public engagement at a national level.

APEnet was created to support Universities and Research Bodies in sharing common programs, objectives and actions for Public Engagement, while maintaining their autonomy.

Universities and Research Bodies today play a key role in the development of the knowledge society also through their Third Mission actions.

The Third Mission is subject to evaluation by ANVUR with regard to research institutions.

Public Engagement Activities are in charge of the U.O. Communication and are coordinated by Prof. Alfredo Tomasetta in collaboration with U.O. Communication Manager Dr. Anna Cerniglia.